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WebFlex – Web Transports

The WebFlex system offers continuous web inkjet printing capability that is off-line from the web printing press. The WebFlex system offers a servo-controlled drive for accurate web speed control, and is offered in modular sections that are each 1.5 meters (5 feet) long, and can accommodate duplex applications.  The WebFlex system can be integrated with the JetFlex inkjet...
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SheetFlex – Cut Sheet Transports

The SheetFlex system offers inkjet printing capability for cut-sheet printing applications. The SheetFlex system includes a pile vacuum feeder, lateral sheet registration conveyor, precision vacuum transport conveyor, optional sheet divert capability, and pile stacker sheet delivery capability. The SheetFlex system is ideal for cut-sheet variable data printing applications, including gaming, transactional documents, invoice documents, direct...
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CardFlex – Card Transports

The CardFlex systems offer card production capability that includes inkjet printing and scratch-off application at high speeds. These card inkjet printing systems are very well suited for many applications like pre-paid phone cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, hotel room keys, retail hang tags, gaming, tickets and ID cards, and has a variety of features.

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