We are providing these download files for our sales prospects, customers, and partners.  Accessing these download files will require that you have some basic knowledge of how to use Adobe Acrobat Reader ( and Winzip (  The files noted with an asterisk (*) will require a password from FPS to open.  Please contact FPS to obtain this password.  If you need any assistance to download any of these files, please contact FPS.

Sales Materials:

JetFlex 2600 Sales Brochure
JetFlex 2800 Sales Brochure
JetFlex 2600/2800 Imager Configuration and Stitching
JetFlex 5000 Sales Brochure
JetFlex 6000 Sales Brochure
FuserFlex Sales Brochure
WebFlex Sales Brochure
SheetFlex Sales Brochure
CardFlex Sales Brochure
InkFlex Sales Brochure

Technical Support:

JetFlex 2600/2800 Software, ImageFlex V6.1.8 *